The Food Box.

A simple way to get delicious, local food at a reasonable price.

Food Boxes
Our Food Boxes are packed with delicious, local food and are delivered weekly to a convenient location near you.

Food Box with Meat

Save a trip to the store while supporting local farmers! A weekly delivery of local food to stock your fridge. Milk, meat, bread, vegetables, and eggs or a processed product.
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Veggie Food Box

For those who value locally and sustainably grown vegetables and fruits.
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Meatless Food Box

All the same great items as our regular food box, but without the meat. Includes: milk, bread, vegetables, and eggs or a processed product.
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Veggie with Bread

All the wonderful vegetables and fruits that come with the Veggie Food Box, with our fresh bread.
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Weekly Staples

For some folks, predictability is important. It's all the staples you would normally have to run to the store for, delivered right to your work place.
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Eggs Only

1 Dozen Antibiotic Free, Cage-Free Eggs
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Pick-up Locations
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About the Food Box Program

We believe busy families need convenient access to healthy food. So we created the Food Box Program, which delivers local, fresh food each week to conventient sites across Eastern Iowa.

Delivering food to the places where people work provides convenient and easy access to great local products at a reasonable price. Using local products in the food boxes keeps money in our communities and allows us to enjoy the bounty that Iowa farms can provide.

We believe in a holistic model of rural development, which means that we include not only the farmers who grow our products, but also the processors who turn raw agricultural products into usable goods. As such, the food boxes include meat, milk, eggs, yogurt, produce, breads, and other products from Iowa farms and processors.

We hope you enjoy the wholesome food in your boxes. We'd love to hear from you.