Common Questions

Q. What is in a food box?
A. It’s actually a BAG and it is filled with delicious, local food (like milk, meat, eggs, produce, and processed products like jellies, butter, and yogurt). It features products from local growers, creameries, and processors. Each week is different! View the different food box options here.

Q. Is there only one food box option?
A. No, there many different box options with corresponding prices ranging from $4-$41. There is a box designed to fit everyone’s needs. View the different food box options here.

Q: Does everything come from one farmer?
No, we are able to source our produce, eggs, dairy, meat and baked goods from a number of local producers. This allows us to support lots of local farmers, and allows you to learn about more local farmers! 

Q: Will I know where everything in my box comes from? 
A: Yes! We send out a newsletter every week with farm information, recipes, farmer profiles, and cooking tips! Have a question about anything in your bag? Please contact us, we are happy to help. 

Q. Do I pay for the whole year at once?
A. No, when you set up a subscription you will be automatically charged each week that you receive a delivery. You can suspend or cancel your subscription at any time from the Iowa Food Hub website. As we do not have a set season for our food box, you can sign up to start receiving a food box at any time throughout the year. Every charge is made before your box is delivered: you are charged on Sunday, and receive a delivery to your location during that week. 

Q. When will I receive my first box?
A. Your first box will be delivered the week after you sign up. After you have received your first delivery, you will be charged every Sunday for the box delivered in that week. If you have decided to skip a delivery, you will not be charged for your box.